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From "Sheldon Ross" <ross_shel...@hotmail.com>
Subject Synchronized Velocity Actions
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2006 19:29:12 GMT
   I am currently working on the development of a large Turbine based 
project that involves a large number of database queries. The problem I am 
experiencing relates to the synchronizing of doPerform methods under 
public synchronized void doPerform(RunData data, Context context){
// do large query

The goal is to have the methods safe for a particular session, but allow 
multiple sessions to access the methods at the same time. The way it seems 
to be working now is synchronizing across the whole servlet instance. IE 
when one user performs a certain task, another user must wait while that 
method is executed before he can use the same method. My understanding of 
synchronizing is that it acts on the objects being passed, shared then the 
method can be called multiple times as long as the objects are completely 
different. Perhaps I'm wrong about this. But, if that is indeed that case, 
then there must be something persistent about the data or context in 
velocity or turbine. Any thoughts or suggestions about how to synchronize 
these requests for a session, but not across sessions will be appreciated.

  Sheldon Ross

PS. There are no tool.global references in TurbineResources.

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