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From Thomas UNG <thomas....@freesbee.fr>
Subject Re: Doc to promote turbine
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 22:45:31 GMT

>From the beginning, I thought that 2.3.2 was the stable version, the
version starting a project based on a release version of the Turbine
framework ?

Now that I am pretty familiar with 2.3.2, do you thing that I should go
to 2.4M1, is this stable and easy to migrate?

Thanks a lot,

    * Turbine 2.3.2 is the version you should use when either migrating
from an older version of Turbine or starting a project based on a
release version of the Turbine framework.
    * Turbine 2.4 is the shape of things to come. Turbine 2.4 is using
next generation technologies like an Avalon-based container and
decoupled components from the Fulcrum sister project of Turbine. If you
don't mind building your own jars from the Subversion tree and can
tolerate the occasional change while developing on the framework, you
should use this version of Turbine.

Peter Courcoux a écrit :
> Hi Thomas,
> I'm still using t 2.4 extensively and without any burning need to patch
> it :-)
> I would still like to find the time to fix the Avalon stuff, but it is
> working for me at present and I still have two concurrent projects I am
> working on (both based on t2.4) and which are taking all my time.
> I have written an alternative page layout framework to replace the
> scripting approach used by the velocity service. I am using this for one
> of my projects and experimenting with a couple of different approaches.
> When I am further along this could be a future fulcrum component.
> As far as I am concerned Turbine 2.4 continues to be the framework of
> choice.
> Regards,
> Peter
> On Mon, 2006-11-27 at 11:51 +0100, Thomas UNG wrote:
>> Hi Henning, Thomas and Peter,
>> In recent conversation in the turbine user mailing list, we've talked
>> about documentation and in particular doc for migrating 2.3 to 2.4. Some
>> folks and I would like to have more info on this because we all
>> appreciate the framework. I saw in JIRA that you are assigned to some
>> issues, that is the reason why I write to you guys directly and I think
>> that you know beter that anyone else.
>> Here are the questions:
>> - Is 2.4 in scope? Can you communicate any schedule/milestones? If we
>> have a clear view on this, some people in this mailing list (me in
>> particular) could help.
>> - What are scheduled for 2.4? Where are we? 2.4M1, M2?
>> Is the M1 list accurate?
>> http://jakarta.apache.org/turbine/turbine/turbine-2.4-M1/changes-report.html
>> Is there any other items?
>> - In the jira issue tracker, how can we identify issues related to 2.4?
>> I can see only these components: Core, Fulcrum, META, Site and Turbine 2.3.
>> Thanks in advance for your answers,
>> Best regards,
>> Thomas UNG

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