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From Peter Courcoux <pe...@courcoux.biz>
Subject Re: Doc to promote turbine
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 12:51:22 GMT
Hi Thomas,

I'm still using t 2.4 extensively and without any burning need to patch
it :-)

I would still like to find the time to fix the Avalon stuff, but it is
working for me at present and I still have two concurrent projects I am
working on (both based on t2.4) and which are taking all my time.

I have written an alternative page layout framework to replace the
scripting approach used by the velocity service. I am using this for one
of my projects and experimenting with a couple of different approaches.
When I am further along this could be a future fulcrum component.

As far as I am concerned Turbine 2.4 continues to be the framework of



On Mon, 2006-11-27 at 11:51 +0100, Thomas UNG wrote:
> Hi Henning, Thomas and Peter,
> In recent conversation in the turbine user mailing list, we've talked
> about documentation and in particular doc for migrating 2.3 to 2.4. Some
> folks and I would like to have more info on this because we all
> appreciate the framework. I saw in JIRA that you are assigned to some
> issues, that is the reason why I write to you guys directly and I think
> that you know beter that anyone else.
> Here are the questions:
> - Is 2.4 in scope? Can you communicate any schedule/milestones? If we
> have a clear view on this, some people in this mailing list (me in
> particular) could help.
> - What are scheduled for 2.4? Where are we? 2.4M1, M2?
> Is the M1 list accurate?
> http://jakarta.apache.org/turbine/turbine/turbine-2.4-M1/changes-report.html
> Is there any other items?
> - In the jira issue tracker, how can we identify issues related to 2.4?
> I can see only these components: Core, Fulcrum, META, Site and Turbine 2.3.
> Thanks in advance for your answers,
> Best regards,
> Thomas UNG
Peter Courcoux
Mobile: 07880 605626

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