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From Jeffery Painter <pain...@kiasoft.com>
Subject META questions
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2004 20:57:46 GMT

Going through META and setup my environment all over again to make sure 
I'm clean and starting with a known good setup.

I created my setup.properties file with some of these modifications:

# application settings

I run 
% maven turbine:setup

\-- creates one schema file to start 

   Question: Is this the one schema file I continue to update?
             It seems to be as I've tested a couple times and
             as long as I work on this schema file, my tables are
             created appropriately.

% cd timeclock

% maven torque:create-db
% maven turbine:sql
% maven torque:insert-sql

it looks as if things start out pretty well... one thing I noticed is 
that even with turbine.app.setup.demo=false the default start page is 
created. On the META howto page under the flavor for turbine-2.3.1-dev you 
indicate that there should be a directory called pages/ created, but I 
never see that directory, I see that if I update 
src/templates/screens/Index.vm that is the actual location of the files 
that become the root templates for my app.

and running maven turbine:deploy after just updating some templates does 
not seem to actual update the container (testing with jetty-4.2.22) but 
this may be a jetty issue... I'll try with tomcat and see if that helps 

I don't think I like developing as much in this manner as I did with 
inplace development where I don't have to keep redeploying the app as I 
work on it... if someone wants to start developing inplace (I think I 
understand correctly that means you are working within the webapps/ 
directory of your app server) then I'm not sure how to setup META 
initially to do that... maybe I'm missing something there.

fire away your criticisms :) it has been a while since I looked at META

Thank you,
Jeffery Painter
Kiasoft, Inc.                       (910) 352-3699
    3205 Randall Parkway, Suite 119
    Wilmington, NC 28403

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painter@kiasoft.com                     http://kiasoft.com
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