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From Daniel <dant...@yorku.ca>
Subject Re: troubles migrating to turbine 2.3
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2004 17:05:53 GMT

On Tue, 3 Aug 2004, Mark Lybarger wrote:

> hi,
> we seem to be hitting a few road blocks migrating to turbine 2.3 (we're going from a
slightly modified turbine 2.1). we're using the jakarta-turbine-2.3.tar.gz from the apache
> the first issue seems to be with the torque maven plugin and with maven in general. 
we're not very schooled on maven much, and have had one heck of a time getting the turbine
source tree to build with it.  we're behind a firewall and can't easily get out (http proxy
is avail).  we've only really had one person on our group to get turbine to build, and then
we just took that exact maven folder and maven repository to others machines to build.  could
someone tell me the specific environment (maven version, etc) that works nicely with turbine?
do other experience maven difficulties building turbine?

Sorry, don't use torque here so can't offer any advice on it..

> next, we have encountered an issue with turbine's handling of our actions method to call.
for instance, on a form we have an input button called: name="eventSubmit_doInsert" on a form
> <form name="fee_action_form" method="POST" action="$link.setAction( "feemaint.FeeAction"
> with turbine 2.1, this turbine would run the doInsert() method of the FeeAction class.
 With turbine 2.3, we could only get the doPerform method of that class to run.  someone in
our group mentioned that this was fixed after the 2.3 release of turbine and that if we could
get the latest from the 2.3 branch, we'd have the fix.  has anyone else noticed this behavior
with the released turbine 2.3?  and how active is the maintenance on 2.3?  do most people
run from the lastest cvs version of the turbine they're using?  we don't have good access
to an external cvs server (turbine's), and the only thing i see for the nightlies are 2.3.1-dev
versions, or patches for turbine 2.3 which seem to predate the 2.3 release.

This should definitely work.  I've migrated two Turbine 2.1 apps without
changing any actions and their methods.  I would compare the request
parameters for each instance and see if they are differrent.  The method
doPerform() is the default method that gets called if there's no specified
event.  Also ensure your input button is of type "submit".

And, so far I've yet to experience problems with the binary release of the
turbine 2.3, though the version in CVS is probably "better".


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