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From "tobias rademacher" <tobias.rademac...@innowake.de>
Subject Dependency hell in 2.4 (was AW: troubles migrating to turbine 2.3)
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 06:36:45 GMT
Hi Folks,

> do other experience maven difficulties 
> building turbine?

As for Turbine 2.4 (CVS HEAD) I had no problems build it using Maven 1.0.

Do not upgrade the commons lib. This will lead to huge problems.

This concerns the following libs:

and	commons-io

Could you please update your code to be compatible with

	commmons-xo 1.0-dev
and	commons-io-1.0

Please keep in mind that commons libs are used in a wide range of projects.
Therefore the become more and more a archilles heel by introducing
a depencency hell.

I cannot promise to send patches due my tense schedule.


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