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From "David Vandegrift" <dvandegr...@bluearc.com>
Subject T2.3.1-dev: linking to a RawScreen results in error "Requested Page not found: Default"
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2004 22:48:17 GMT
I'm upgrading from Turbine 2.2-b2 to 2.3.1-dev.
The upgrade has been mostly successful.  
Most templates and actions are working fine.

With one exception...
linking to a RawScreen (with an associated template) results in an error.

The following URL fails: (it used to work w/ T2.2)
      e.g. https://<myIP>/mgr/app/screen/simple.DownloadLogsScreen

Resulting error:

	Requested Page not found: Default
	Turbine looked in the following modules.packages path: 
	[com.bluearc.mgr, org.apache.turbine.modules]

	at org.apache.turbine.modules.PageLoader.getInstance(PageLoader.java:169)
	at org.apache.turbine.modules.PageLoader.exec(PageLoader.java:98)
	at org.apache.turbine.Turbine.doGet(Turbine.java:758)

But this URL works:  
     e.g. https://<myIP>/mgr/app/template/simple%2CDownloadLogsScreen.vm

That's my work-around.
Note that the template "DownloadLogsScreen.vm" doesn't really exist. I'm just using it to
trick Turbine into calling my Screen class of the same name.

Any ideas what could be wrong?  (keeping in mind that it worked with T2.2 and works if I call
a non-existent template.)

Is anybody successfully using a RawScreen with T2.3?


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