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From Sven Kuncikowski <kuncikow...@evamann.de>
Subject Re: maven turbine:deploy prob
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 15:35:22 GMT
ok, i've found it myself,
but it confuses me -> so this goes primarily to the developer(s):

i traced down why my app is copied twice into the webapps dir.
in the maven-turbine-plugin-1.2-dev jelly.properties the attainGoal jar:jar
contains the following:
[code snippet]
    <copy todir="${turbine.target.dir}/WEB-INF/classes" filtering="no">
    <fileset dir="${pom.build.SourceDirectory}">
        <exclude name="**/*java"/>
[/code snippet]

with the above setting, everything (the whole project) will be copied into the app/WEB-INF/classes
due to the setting of ${pom.build.SourceDirectory}.

or is there a reason why the whole project should be copied to the app/WEB-INF/classes directory?

shouldn't the above code snippet be removed?
without it, everything is copied only once and works fine.
the m.e.t.a plugin is from the jakarta-turbine-2-branch 2.3 tree.

i think that i haven't had the problem as i was using the jakarta-turbine head m.e.t.a plugin.

sven kuncikowski

Sven Kuncikowski wrote:
> hi everybody,
> i cannot figure out why maven turbine:deploy
> copies my whole project dir into the
> D:\tomcat\webapps\movii\WEB-INF\classes
> folder?!?
> first it copies the compiled classes (which is correct)
> and then it copies my whole project into the classes folder.
> this behavior wasn't always there,
> but i'm not quiete sure when it appears,
> i think it was after i switched to the turbine-2.3-branch
> when i create a war archiv the error doesn't occur.
> another prob is that two fellow developer checked  out the project
> and everytime maven is called maven copies the src folder into
> the basedir of the project!
> i have not that prob, which is very confusing to me,
> though everybody has the same .properties files.
> thx for any help!
> greetz,
> sven kuncikowski
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