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From Jeff Painter <pain...@kiasoft.com>
Subject Re: TDK demo app probs
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 23:29:38 GMT

I put the tdk together on a vanilla redhat 9 box so I don't think you 
should be having all these troubles.

things to check:
	what jdk are you using?
	what version of ant are you using?
	make sure jdbc access is allowed (mysql can be picky)

I just unpacked the tdk tarball, created the newapp sample project and got 
it running in about 2 minutes, but i built the thing so it should be easy 
for me ;)

I went ahead and stuffed everything under my webapps/newapp into a tarball


wipe out your newapp and unpack the tar file in

 ${TDK}/webapps directory

It is already compiled and should be ready to go

You should only need change two files if you have already run ant init and 
built the database structure

Change username from "myuser" to your username and password "mypassword" 
to your password here:


then, run ${TDK}/bin/catalina.sh start
try to access http://localhost:8080/newapp/servlet/newapp

it is alreay compiled and if your database access is up and running it 
should run properly. if not then there is something in your environment 
that is not setup correctly

hope this helps


Jeffery Painter

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