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From Edmund Urbani <...@emu.no-ip.org>
Subject file upload troubles
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 18:26:34 GMT

Hi all!

I have got 2 problems with file uploads in Turbine 2.3:

rundata.getParameters().keySet() does not include the keys of submitted 
file items.
This used to be different in Turbine 2.1. Was this change intended or is 
this a bug?
If it's not a bug - how do I get all the uploaded files, when I do not 
know their keys?
do I have to use the FileUpload / UploadService classes?

I get a FileItem using rundata.getParameters().getFileItem("...") even 
when the user did NOT
specify a file (at least with Mozilla 1.5, did not try any other 
browser...), but instead submitted the
form with an empty file input field. This used to be different in 
Turbine 2.1 as well - the
getFileItem(..) method would return null in this case. I changed my 
classes to check for
fileItem.getName().equals(""), so I can find out whether the user 
actually submitted a file or
not. Is there a better way to do this?


some of my TR.props:

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