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From Loïc QUERAN <loic.que...@gicm.fr>
Subject Re: Issues building Turbine with maven
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 14:21:35 GMT
I had the same kind of problems a few weeks ago. I later installed the 
latest maven version, erased my local repository and everything was ok.


Gustavo Pinheiro wrote:

>I get a load of errors when trying to build Turbine 2.3 using Maven.
>First, I noticed that some Turbine classes had their names truncated. For
>I could figure out their names looking at compiling error. I downloaded them
>from 3 different sources and they were all like this. I also used different
>unpacking utilities (winace, gnu gzip and tar). Anyone noticed this?
>Second, after fixing the issues mentioned, I kept getting errors. They were
>all in ...services/schedule or ...services/security. I found out looking at
>the sources and at maven.xml that some of the classes that should go in
>those dirs had to be generated at build time by maven-torque-plugin. And
>they were, but in a strange way. BaseJobEntry.java became
>${basePrefix}JobEntry.java, for instance. So I figure it is something with
>torque-plugin, which must be having trouble setting the var ${basePrefix},
>but I couldn't find the place where ${basePrefix} and such are defined.
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