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From Gerry Duprey <gdup...@Schools-OPEN.com>
Subject Fulcrum Build Results -- REVISED missing dependencies
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 22:43:37 GMT

Okay - I am now able to build fulcrum (yeah!)

In terms of manual intervention, here is my revised list of things I had to do 
because Maven didn't know how to handle:

* javamail-1.3.jar
     I know you have to manually download this.  Can the version be updated
     to 1.3.1 since that is what the javasoft site is offering?  Also, not
     sure if the notes belong here or not, but Javasoft/Sun distributes this
     named as "mail.jar" and it needs to be renamed to javamail-1.3.1.jar

* jdbc-2.0.jar
     I think this is a "known" need for maven -- just noting for

* mckoidb-1.0.2.jar
     Maven could not download this (and didn't have any URL to offer either)
     I downloaded it into my repository in as mckoi/jars/mckoidb-1.0.2.jar

* hibernate-cglib-2.1.1.jar
     As Mike pointed out, this is really the cglib2.jar from hibernate
     and I can imagine either documenting the need to do this manually
     or adding it to the downloadables Maven can do.  I think it would
     be really helpful, at a minimum, to change the name as cglib2.jar
     and put it under cglib/jars in the repositoru as it is a seperate
     project from hibernate.

* jta-hib2.1.jar
     Again, Mike pointed out this is really just the lib/jta.jar file from
     the hibernate install.  JTA seems to have some other issues (maybe like
     javamail), but perhaps a closer to actual name and some docs on the
     manual intervention required would help.

* ehcache-0.7.jar
     The refresh Maven stuff did successfully download this, though it
     was stored in the hibernate/jars directory of the Maven repository
     and since it's not actually a project directly under Hibernate
     (though related), I might suggest it really belongs under ehcache.

But, I'm happy to report, I was able to build it.  Now I can really start 
having some fun :-)


Gerry Duprey
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Ann Arbor, MI 48104
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Fax (734) 661-0819

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