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From Gerry Duprey <gdup...@Schools-OPEN.com>
Subject Re: Building Fulcrum - does it work for anyone?
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 21:28:43 GMT
Howdy Eric,

It seems our emails crossed.

To test out the current state of the build, I cleared everything from my Maven 
respository I downloaded today (except jdbc-2.0.jar) and purged my CVS 
snapshot of the fulcrum and re-checkedout it.

Here's what I found missing:
* javamail-1.3.jar
     I know you have to manually download this.  Can the version be updated
     to 1.3.1 since that is what the javasoft site is offering?  Also, not
     sure if the notes belong here or not, but Javasoft/Sub sends this called
     "mail.jar" and it needs to be renamed to javamail-1.3.1.jar

* jdbc-2.0.jar
     I think this is a "known" need for maven -- just noting for completeness

* mckoidb-1.0.2.jar
     Maven could not download this (and didn't have any URL to offer either)
     I downloaded it into my repository in as mckoi/jars/mckoidb-1.0.2.jar

* hibernate-cglib-2.1.1.jar
     Maven could not find this and I coud not find it either (in the hibernate
     site, hibernateext or anywhere else).  Might this really just be

* jta-hib2.1.jar
     Maven could not find this and I couldn't find any ref anywhere.  Even
     goodle (which usually finds a few mailing list references) crapped out
     and didn't find anything

* It did download ehcache-0-7.jar now, though it puts it in the hibernate/jars
   location of the repository.  I would have thought it would be in
   ehcache/jars/ehcache-0.7.jar, though I realize it is related to hibernate

So right now, hibernate-cglib-2.1.1.jar and jta-hib2.1.jar are holding things 
up.  Any suggestions where to get them?



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