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From Gerry Duprey <gdup...@Schools-OPEN.com>
Subject Re: Building Fulcrum - does it work for anyone?
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 21:01:50 GMT

Okay - here is a summary of things that are not included with Fulcrum but that
Fulcrum/maven need so far:

- The Maven-avalon plugin

- javamail-1.3.jar
     download from java site, rename javamail-1.3.1.jar to javamail-1.3.jar

- jdbc-2.0.jar
     Not sure where I found this :-)

- ehcache-0.6.jar
     Downloaded from ehcache site, rename ehcache-0.7.jar ehcache-0.6.jar

- hibernate-avalon-api-0.4.jar
- hibernate-avalon-impl-0.4.jar
     Use CVS to checkout HibernateExt from Hibernate CVS and build to
     create these.  Then install in maven repositiory under hibernate/jars

- mckoidb
     Downloaded it and rename the jar to mckoidb-1.0.2.jar

- hibernate-cglib-2.1.1.jar
     I can't find this anywhere.  It's not in Hibernate2, it's
     not in hibernateExt.  Is this maybe a typo and really it's
     cglib (which hibernate uses) that is required?

- jta-hib2.1.jar
     I cannot find this either.  In fact, I can't find this
     anywhere (even google doesn't bring up any references).

So I'm sort of stalled until I can find those.    Any suggestions?


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