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From brian janaszek <bjanas...@collaborativefusion.com>
Subject Intake and MultiValued Fields
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 21:53:11 GMT

I'm currently using Turbine 2.2.  I'm trying to use a multiValue field
for a user's social security number.  In my intake.xml file, I've got
the field defined like so:

<field name="SSN" key="SSN_key" multiValue="true" mapToProperty="vSSN"

I have a method defined in the business object, setVSSN(String[] args). 
But when I call intakeGroup.setProperties(businessObject) in my action
class, I get an InvocationTarget exception on that call.  The pertinent
line of the stack trace looks like this:

org.apache.turbine.util.TurbineException: An exception prevented the
setting property SSN of :{} to [Ljava.lang.String;@1d652 at
org.apache.turbine.services.intake.model.Field.setProperty(Field.java:654) at org.apache.turbine.services.intake.model.Group.setProperties(Group.java:397)
at com.collabfusion.janus.modules.actions.members.APersonalInfo.doSubmit(APersonalInfo.java:82)
... 48 more

If I manually check the value of the field in the Intake group (by using
getValue() on that field and casting it to a String[]), there is, in
fact, an array of Strings there with the correct values provided via the
form fields.  What could be causing Intake to incorrectly map to the
business object?  I've looked around through the archives, and I've seen
working examples, and my code looks very similar.  Any gotchas I should
look for?


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