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From Johnny Quazar <qua...@bitblaster.com>
Subject Re: how to update TurbineUser instance
Date Sat, 01 Feb 2003 18:09:14 GMT
Hey Marc,x

Try this once?


Seems to work here (but I'm not changing userName). Oops I see 
Quinton's response now and he sounds like this might be understood. 
Guess I'll click send anyway since this is drafted.

At 11:28 PM +0100 1/31/03, Marc Lustig wrote:
>I've got a form that should allow the user to change his username.
>Now I'm running into trouble trying to update the corresponding user
>(Note, I have extended TurbineUser:
>public abstract class BaseAudiotexUser extends
>public class TurbineUserAdapter extends TurbineUser
>This implementation works pretty good so far and I don't think it is related
>to that problem here.)
>This code
>AudiotexUser client = ..
>results in that exception:
>Caused by: org.apache.turbine.util.security.DataBackendException: Failed to
>create account 'dd': Invalid argument value: Duplicate entry '1040' for key
>Apparently torque is trying to make an insert instead of an update.

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