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From Johnny Quazar <qua...@bitblaster.com>
Subject Re: migrating to 2.2 - trouble with extended user
Date Sat, 01 Feb 2003 17:41:12 GMT
Just thought I'd follow up in case somebody else stumbles here. I was 
getting the following error trying to add a new user:

    Error rendering Velocity template: screens/user/FluxUserForm.vm:
    Invocation of method 'getUserId' in  class cc.rnn.nh.om.NhUser
    threw exception class java.lang.NullPointerException : null

This would not have happened if I'd used Integer instead of int for 
my user key. The extend user howto says, in TurbineUserAdapter:

      * Gets the userId of the user.  This is also the primary key
      * of the TURBINE_USER table.  The return type of Integer is
      * valid only if the javaType for the ExtendedUser table
      * is "object".  If it is "primative", the return type
      * should be changed to int.
      * @return the user id
     public Integer getUserId()
         return new Integer(((NumberKey)getPrimaryKey()).intValue());

So when I got to this point, I just slammed in some code:

     public int getUserId()
        return ((NumberKey)getPrimaryKey()).intValue();

Of course, this fails miserably if getPrimaryKey returns null, as the 
error above indicates. I am not happy with my current code but it 
does work to address this case:

         NumberKey n = new NumberKey( (NumberKey) getPrimaryKey() );

         try {
            String willExceptIfNull = n.toString();
            return n.intValue();
         } catch (java.lang.NullPointerException j) {
            return -1;

I found testing (n == null) wasn't working for some reason. I don't 
know, the whole thing will be moot when my primary key is an object 
and not a primitive. Anyway that's what's up with that error, hope 
this helps if somebody else gets caught with this issue.

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