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From Fred Gerson <fredg...@wrath.forked.net>
Subject Moving Turbine app to root tomcat context
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 21:28:26 GMT
Hey All,

I'd like to access my turbine app via a root URL with Tomcat.


instead of


I have a Context element in my server.xml with

path=""  docbase="myapp"

attributes that will point a root URL request to the myapp directory in my
webapps. But my problem is I want to have this execute the Turbine myapp
servlet and serve up a page from that. The above root request serves an
index.html file when I put it in the myapp directory. Is what I want a
some kind of redirect, where www.myserver.com:port gets interpreted by
Tomcat as www.myserver.com:port/myapp/servlet/myapp? How have others
implemented this in Tomcat, or do I need something like Apache sitting in
front of Tomcat to do this?


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