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From Ilkka Priha <ipr...@surfeu.fi>
Subject [ANN] Tammi 1.0 Released - JMX implementation of Turbine 3
Date Sun, 02 Feb 2003 08:23:51 GMT

The Norther Organization has released Tammi 1.0 open source development
framework for web applications at http://tammi.sourceforge.net/.
Downloads, a demo with an on-line manual, extensive tech spec and API
docs are available.

Unfortunately, Tammi is not source code compatible with Turbine,
although it originally was developed as a JMX wrapper around Turbine.
When Turbine architecture seemed to be changing quite radically for
version 3, we decided to implement the same features, i.e. a pipeline
and valve based template processing, dynamically configurable service
framework and jar based plug-in components, with new code because of a
tight schedule we had at that time in a formerly Turbine based project.
However, we tried to maintain template compatibility and have applied
Turbine's original page building model and implemented about the same
template context tools.

Tammi evolved to be a Java component based development framework and
run-time container for applications supporting web browsers, mobile
terminals and/or Swing based user interfaces. Tammi application
components can implement independent business logic themselves or act as
proxies to native libraries, remote programs and other kinds of
manageable systems.

The key technologies applied include service proxy architecture with
Java management Extensions (JMX), dynamic configuration with Dynamic
Java, MVC filters and filter chains with Java Servlets, template
processing with Apache Velocity and Freemarker, and general design
derived from Apache Turbine. The architecture allows effortless
integration of additional libraries when needed.

Templates are applied extensively to implement international user
interfaces with a template loading mechanism dynamically searching for
locale and user agent spcific templates to find the one best matching
the current request. The layout model from Turbine allows building of
user interface pages from any number of related templates. A template
engine service supports several simultaneous template engine
implementations, from which the applicable one is selected according to
the template suffix. Most templates of the framework itself are Velocity
based, but full support for FreeMarker templates are included as well.

The HTML form mechanism generates forms by collecting controls from data
type specific templates being capable of validating user input without
need for client side scripting. Turbine's pull model can be used to
configure template context tools available for each chain of template
processing filters.

Tammi, as well as applications built with it, can be executed either as
a servlet or filter chain under a J2EE compatible servlet container. In
addition, it contains an internal HTTP(S) 1.1 capable connector with
competent performance. Scripts and exes to run run Tammi both as a
standalone and as a service in both Linux and Windows are included.

A template based management interface provides convenient access to all
internal services of the framework through JMX thus supporting run-time
administation and debugging of the system.

Future plans include integration of Apache OJB based persistence
services to the framework. First trials are available at

      Ilkka Priha

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