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From Siegfried Goeschl <siegfried.goes...@it20one.at>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Turbine 2.3.3 Released
Date Sun, 23 Nov 2008 21:08:41 GMT
Hi Juergen,

thanks for all the effort cutting a release ...


Siegfried Goeschl

Juergen Hoffmann wrote:
> Hi Community,
> the Turbine Development Team is pleased to announce the turbine 2.3.3
> release! 
> http://turbine.apache.org/turbine/turbine-2.3.3/index.html
> Turbine is a servlet based framework that allows experienced Java developers
> to quickly build secure web applications. Parts of Turbine can also be used 
> independently of the web portion of Turbine as well. In other words, we
> strive 
> to make portions of Turbine easily available for use in other applications. 
> ============================================================================
> ===
> Changes in this version include:
>   New Features:
> o Added getBooleans() and getBooleanObjects() to the ValueParser to provide
> a 
>   "more orthogonal" interface. 
> o Made ValueParser and BaseValueParser locale-aware. Note that the default 
>   locale used is always the default value of the JVM which is different from
>   the previous behaviour where the locale used was sometimes Locale.US (for 
>   float, double and BigDecimal) and sometimes the JVM-default (for dates). 
> o The init() method in LocalizationTool is no longer declared as final - you
>   can now extend this class to provide alternative ways of initializing the 
>   locale. 
> o Default ServerData values can now be specified in 
>   TurbineResources.properties. 
> o Added an extension of LDAPUser named ActiveDirectoryUser to simplify the 
>   authentication against AD servers. Added some documentation with a 
>   configuration example. 
> o Extended Intake to allow validators based on comparisons between fields of
>   the same group. Two example validators are provided, for date ranges and 
>   for integer ranges. 
> o Added JSON-RPC Service to support JavaScript to Java AJAX communications 
>   using JSON-RPC-Java. For further details see JSON-RPC Service. 
> o Added UI Service as a replacement for the UIManager pull tool (now 
>   deprecated in favor of the backwards compatible UITool). For further 
>   details see UI Service. 
> o Extended HtmlPageAttributes to allow generic <link /> tags in the 
>   HTML head section. 
> o Added Thomas's variation on Siegfried's TurbineYaafiComponentService that 
>   allows Fulcrum components to be used in Turbine 2.3 in a fulcrum-yaafi 
>   container. Fixes TRB-27. Thanks to Thomas Vandahl. 
> o Extended the LocalizationService to provide formatting facilities. 
> o Extended Intake to care for localization and to allow user-defined field 
>   types (type "custom"). The Validator interface has been extended so custom
>   validators must be adjusted unless they extend DefaultValidator. 
>   Fixed bugs:
> o Minor correction to intake.dtd - added missing fieldClass attribute to 
>   field element. 
> o Fix a memory leak due to an invalid map key type. Fixes TRB-70. Thanks to 
>   Susi Berrington. o Fixed a couple of NullPointerExceptions that can occur
> when Intake is 
>   validating multiValued fields. 
> o Fixed a NullPointerExceptions that can occur when Intake is used to 
>   validate a primitive field. Clarified the meaning of Field.isSet() in 
>   Javadoc. 
> o Intake was not handling empty values correctly. Fixes TRB-9. Thanks to 
>   Jürgen Hoffmann. 
> o A FileItem in a ParameterParser added to TurbineURI or TemplateURI was 
>   resulting in a NPE. Fixes TRB-8. Thanks to Gunther Olesch. 
> o TurbineURI was mishandling the empty String. Fixes TRB-16. Thanks to
> Jürgen 
>   Hoffmann. 
> o Intake was not loading the correct Default Validators when the rules for a
>   field are empty. Fixes TRB-14. Thanks to Jürgen Hoffmann. 
>   Changes:
> o Preparing for the Release of Turbine 2.3.3 
> o VelocityHtmlEmail now throws EmailException rather than 
>   VelocityEmailException. This has been done for compatibility with 
>   commons-email-1.1, even though commons-email-1.0 is being used for now. 
> o Update jar dependencies: javax.activation to 1.1.1 javax.mail to 1.4.1 
>   commons-configuration to 1.5 commons-fileupload to 1.2.1 commons-io to 1.4
>   commons-logging to 1.1.1 commons-lang to 2.4 commons-pool to 1.4 log4j to 
>   1.2.15 servletapi to 2.4 
> o Further simplify the value assignment in Intake fields. 
> o Use the localize features of the parser to simplify the value assignment
> in 
>   Intake fields. Made handling of empty values consistent over all number 
>   field types. 
> o Important change: The BaseValueParser now consistently returns null for
> all 
>   get-methods that return an Object, if the parameter name does not exist. 
>   This changes the behaviour of getBigDecimal which used to return 0 in this
>   case. 
> o Initialize the locale of RunData, the ParameterParser and the CookieParser
>   from the HttpServletRequest. Make RunData.setLocale propagate the locale 
>   setting to the parsers. 
> o Set the locale of the ParameterParser and the CookieParser from the
> default 
>   locale of RunData. 
> o Improved handling of null values for query parameter and path info values 
>   in TurbineURI (avoids a NPE, logs warning message). 
> o Update to latest release of Torque. 
> o Update to latest release of Fulcrum Yaafi. 
> o Eliminate cryptix dependency. The cryptix library contains strong 
>   encryption algorithms causing problems using the software outside of the
> US 
>   (ECCN). This is a partial backport from Fulcrum so the real work was done 
>   by Siegfried Goeschl. 
> o Make SecurityServices run with Torque 3.3. 
> o Removed unnecessary locking in the XSLT service. Make relative includes 
>   work again. 
> o Update jar dependencies: commons-collections to 3.2 commons-configuration 
>   to 1.4 commons-dbcp to 1.2.2 commons-digester to 1.8 commons-lang to 2.3 
>   commons-pool to 1.3 log4j to 1.2.14 velocity to 1.5 
> o Deprecated the DBSecurityService and its associated classes. It has been 
>   replaced by the TorqueSecurityService. 
> o Intake now handles the case where the mapToObject does not map to all 
>   fields in the group. Fixes TRB-9. Thanks to Jürgen Hoffmann. 
>   Removed features:
> o Remove the ComponentService. This has been deprecated long ago. It has
> been 
>   replaced by the different incarnations of AvalonComponentService. 
> o Remove long deprecated classes. 
>     org.apache.turbine.util.SequencedHashtable 
>     org.apache.turbine.util.StringStackBuffer 
>     org.apache.turbine.util.FileUtils 
>     org.apache.turbine.util.BufferCache 
>     org.apache.turbine.util.QuickSort 
>     org.apache.turbine.util.Comparable 
>     org.apache.turbine.util.Log 
>     org.apache.turbine.util.mail.* 
>     org.apache.turbine.util.validation.* 
>     org.apache.turbine.util.upload.* 
>     org.apache.java.lang.* 
>     org.apache.java.security.* 
>     org.apache.turbine.util.db.* 
>     org.apache.turbine.services.resources.TurbineResources 
>     org.apache.turbine.services.db.* 
> ============================================================================
> ===
> Issues, bugs, and feature requests for turbine-2
> should be submitted to the following issue tracking system:
> http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/TRB
> Have fun!
> -The Turbine development team
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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