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From Siegfried Goeschl <siegfried.goes...@it20one.at>
Subject [fulcrum] Preparing vote to release M2 parent pom ....
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2008 21:06:35 GMT
Hi folks,

before I start a vote regarding M2 parent pom for fulcrum I would like
to discuss a few things to avoid iterations. The parent pom is found in
fulcrum/trunk/parent/pom.xml - the pom is copy&wasted from Apache
Commons so there is a good chance that it works.

1) Maven GroupId

Which groupId to use for the parent POM

1.1) "fulcrum" - backward compatible but deprecated
1,2) "org.apache.turbine.fulcrum" - would be the proper one a Turbine
1.3) "org.apache.fulcrum" - would match the package names

I lean more towards 1.3) and 1.2)

2) maven-one-plugin

I'm currently using the maven-one-plugin to install M2 artifacts in an
existing M1 repo. It is convinient but I would like to kick it out -
it's difficult to disable functionality defined in a pom and depending
on 1) it might be broken anyway

3) Current State of M2 Assimilation

I converted around a dozen Fulcrum projects - so as soon as we have the
parent pom out I have to do a couple of releases. I hope that the parent
pom is good enough to do that quickly ....


Siegfried Goeschl

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