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From Scott Eade <se...@backstagetech.com.au>
Subject Re: intake blues
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 02:38:08 GMT
Thomas Vandahl wrote:
> Scott Eade wrote:
>> Since updating to the latest snapshot jar these fields are ending up
>> with zero values in the database.  Not much has changed since the
>> previous snapshot jar I was running - Thomas: is there any chance this
>> could be related to your recent intake changes?  I need to dig further,
>> but I'm too dead tired to look at this any more today (it's just gone
>> 2:15am)
> The only thing I changed was the order of operations so that now first
> all fields are inited and then all fields are validated in two loops
> whereas previously every field was inited and then validated in one
> loop. I don't see that this could cause the described behavior.
The above problem is unrelated to either of our patches - it is a side 
effect of the fact that reflection is used by setProperties() that means 
that Intake is incapable of validating Integer fields where a null value 
needs to be distinguished from a zero.
> I'm not entirely sure that your fix does what you want. As I see it, if
> your field key is in the parameter parser, this means that the field was
> meant to be set. The case "null" as a value should not happen then (The
> parser takes care of this). If the value is empty (""), however, this
> could well be meant as deleting a fields contents. This would now result
> in this field not to be set - and not to be validated, if I'm not
> mistaken. I'll try to make up a test case to prove this.
Actually, the problem is that isSet() currently controls whether or not 
a field is validated - the problem with my patch is that a required 
field that is not set is no longer being validated.  The fix is to also 
check isRequired() when determining whether or not validation is required.


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