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From "Henning P. Schmiedehausen" <...@intermeta.de>
Subject BUILD Status - turbine
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 22:08:22 GMT
I know that ATM it is a little cumbersome to build the turbine-2.3-dev

Here is how to do it from scratch

- get maven. Best, get a snapshot. Install it. Read the FAQ about the beta-9
  brokenness. If you're brave, try to get the HEAD to compile.

- prepare the maven-torque-plugin which in its current incarnation is not able to
  build the Turbine peers:

  * get the alpha2 snapshot of Torque:

    cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.apache.org:/home/cvspublic export -r TORQUE_3_1_ALPHA2 db-torque

  * build the generator:

    cd db-torque/src/generator

  * install the generator jar to your ~/.maven/repository/torque/jars/ subdirectory

  * go to ~/.maven/plugins/maven-torque-plugins-3.1

  * edit your project.xml file:

    = look for the "torque-gen" dependency:


        change it to 


    =  add the following dependency:


- get the following jars from java.sun.com:

activation.jar 	put it into ~/.maven/repository/jaf/jars/activation-1.0.2.jar 	
jndi.jar	put it info ~/.maven/repository/jndi/jars/jndi-1.2.1.jar		
jdbc.jar	put it info ~/.maven/repository/jdbc/jars/jdbc-2.0.jar		
mail.jar	put it info ~/.maven/repository/javamail/jars/javamail-1.3.jar		
- get the current turbine HEAD

    cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.apache.org:/home/cvspublic export -r HEAD jakarta-turbine-2

- run maven 

The following errors might occur:

1) Maven dies with
   --- cut ---
   The build cannot continue because of the following unsatisfied dependencies:
   --- cut ---

   => You've forgotten to get the java.sun.com jars

2) Maven dies with

   --- cut ---
   The build cannot continue because of the following unsatisfied dependencies:

   <any other jar>   
   --- cut ---

  => We're requiring a jar that is not on ibiblio. You can use our unofficial
     Turbine repository by uncommenting the following line in project.properties


  Note that this still won't help you with the Sun-provided jars.

3) The Peers are created with strange names and/or wrong packages

  => Your $MAVEN_HOME variable is not set correctly

If you follow this guide, you should be able to build turbine from the
source code.


Dipl.-Inf. (Univ.) Henning P. Schmiedehausen          INTERMETA GmbH
hps@intermeta.de        +49 9131 50 654 0   http://www.intermeta.de/

Java, perl, Solaris, Linux, xSP Consulting, Web Services 
freelance consultant -- Jakarta Turbine Development  -- hero for hire

--- Quote of the week: "It is pointless to tell people anything when
you know that they won't process the message." --- Jonathan Revusky

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