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From "Colin Chalmers" <colin.chalm...@maxware.nl>
Subject IntakeService
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 18:50:19 GMT
I'm in the process of testing my changes to the IntakeService; nothing major
just some streamlining & cleanup stuff. However I would like the opinion of
those who have been using Intake for a while.

DefaultValidator is the base class for all validation classes.
NumberValidator extends this and seems to be THE validator class for all
numberFields (double etc) except int's which uses IntegerValidator which in
turn extends NumberValidator.

I'd like to clean this up and have (at least) thre options

A) If we drop NumberValidator then we get a validator class for each
different number type.

B) If we drop IntegerValidator we have one class for all number types based
on BigDecimals which I'm not keen on.

C) Combination of above

 I have a preference for *A* where use can be made of primitive types
instead of BigDecimal for all. I could also look at  making NumberValidator
Abstract and just implement what's needed in the concrete number classes.

Any opinions?


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