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From Daniel Rall <...@finemaltcoding.com>
Subject Re: CryptoService, MD5 Algorithm and padding
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2002 21:04:36 GMT
"Henning P. Schmiedehausen" <hps@intermeta.de> writes:

> Daniel Rall <dlr@finemaltcoding.com> writes:
> >Do you happen to have a URL to the bug report with the Digest::MD5
> >(for posterity, and because I'm curious)?
> I exchanged some mails with Gisle Aas who told me "we know about this,
> we won't change, because users rely on this behaviour; if you want
> correct padding you can either simply append "==" (the RFC requires a
> Base 64 application to ignore everything after a "=") or use the
> MIME::Base64 module.".

Gotcha.  Looking at the man page, I notice a similar comment:

           The base64 encoded string returned is not padded to be
           a multiple of 4 bytes long.  If you want interoper-
           ability with other base64 encoded md5 digests you
           might want to append the string "==" to the result.


Daniel Rall <dlr@finemaltcoding.com>

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