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From Vasanth Mathivanan <>
Subject Need exact Regex Syntax for port checking
Date Thu, 30 May 2019 06:18:15 GMT
Hi All ,

In trafficserver , We have tried to match the exact port for redirect the request to parent
origin servers instead of remap origin . Below highlighted are  without specify the port 
is working and with specify port is not working  in parent config . As per online regex tool
 the syntax has been fine there ,but not working in parent config . Is that possible to verify
 the syntax on regex debug or suggest.

How to find the exact  port match use for parent config .

My analysis , When while specify the port of the request the  logs are DIRECT   then same
time I have changed without port in url_regex came  PARENT HIT on logs and the syntax are

Without port specify
url_regex=^http://.*/EvoLive/(.*\.m3u8[?]) parent="y.y.y.y:80; w.w.w.w:80"  parent_is_proxy=false

With Port specify​​
url_regex=^http://.*(:[8002]+)/EvoLive/(.*\.m3u8[?]) parent="y.y.y.y:80; w.w.w.w:80"  parent_is_proxy=false

map   http://z.z.z.z:8002   http://x.x.x.x

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