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From "Eric Friedrich -X (efriedri - TRITON UK BIDCO LIMITED c/o Alter Domus (UK) Limited -OBO at Cisco)" <>
Subject Re: Detecting Parent "Go_Direct" Condition from Header Rewrite or Lua HOOKs
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2019 16:23:06 GMT
Thanks Miles-
  Wouldn’t this would require the parent proxy to have a certificate for the the<>
domain? In our use case, we cannot get certificates for the origins (nor should a forward
proxy need this).

Shouldn’t traffic server be able to connect to a parent via HTTP and to the origin via HTTPS?


On Mar 5, 2019, at 11:45 AM, Miles Libbey <<>>

If go_direct is doing the right thing, I think you could just have
your remap switch to https, then have the parent.config scheme be
https. eg
parent.config:<> scheme=https parent="<>,<>,<>" go_direct=true

On Mon, Mar 4, 2019 at 12:09 PM Hongfei Zhang -X (hongfezh - TRITON UK
BIDCO LIMITED c/o Alter Domus (UK) Limited -OBO at Cisco)
<<>> wrote:

Dear Community,

In one of our deployments, we used two tiered caches and needed to access origin using https.
We used header rewrite in mid cache for https origin access (e.g. set-destination SCHEM https,
etc), while kept edge to mid in http.

We also would like to to enable go_direct at the edge such that when the mids are down, edge
can go to origin directly. The go direct functionality appeared to do the right thing except
not able to switch to https. We are thinking of doing a header rewrite or lua script to conditionally
set the sheme to https but can’t figure out how to check whether the edge is go_direct.

Is it possible to detect such condition from plugins?

Does anyone have experience altering requests based on parent selection results?



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