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From Sean G <>
Subject remap.config trailing slash problem
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2018 07:24:53 GMT
Hi Everyone,First time question, so please take it easy with me :)I'm using
ATS to act as a basic forwarding proxy to a known end-point. Everything is
working exactly as I want it to apart from one minor issue. *Works fine
example*----------------------Call target URL (e.g.
and replacement content ( is called and shown.i.e. remains in the browser*Issue example *(notice the
missing end slash on the target url!)----------------Call target URL (e.g. but replacement ( is shown as as
browser URL like its doing a redirect?i.e. is shown in
bowser instead of This seems to be all because of a
missing end slash.records.config has all default settings apart from
server_ports STRING r-pass:80 and proxy.config.http.cache.http 0 (I dont
wish to cache).remap.config has the tried reverse_mapand redirect but with no success. Can
someone point me in the right direction please?Many thanks in advance.  

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