Honestly it sounds like a leak. Can you specify which version of Traffic Server this is?

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I have a load test that I’ve been running for a number of days now.  I’m using the memory dump logging in traffic.out and I’m trying to understand how Traffic Server allocates and reuses memory.  I’m still quite new to Traffic Server.


Nearly all of the memory traces look as I would expect, i.e. memory is allocated and reused over the lifetime of the test.  However my readings from ioBufAllocator[0] show a continual increase in allocated AND used.  I am attaching a graph.  (FYI – This graph covers approximately 3 days of continual load test.)


I would have expected to start seeing reuse in ioBufAllocator by now, like I do in the other ioBufAllocators.  Can someone help me understand what I’m seeing?


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