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From "Patrick O'Brien" <>
Subject Using ATS with the s3_auth plugin
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2016 16:54:49 GMT

We're currently evaluating ATS for our infrastructure and I have a couple of
implementation questions. First of all, what we are trying to do is use ATS
as a forward proxy for our internal servers in order to cache some S3 data
that all of the servers are currently pulling directly from S3. The more data
centers we add the worse and worse this operation gets (in terms of time and

Looking at the s3_auth plugin[0] documentation page it looks like the more
recent v4 auth mechanism is not yet supported, although the document hasn't
been updated since at least October 2015, but there have been changes to the
plugin since then[1] (including a change that adds a `version` option). Is
this plugin still stuck on AWS' v2 auth mechanism? I see the note in the
plugin itself about being only compatible with v2 has been removed[1],
although it looks like it does a check to make sure version is set to 2[2].

I tried to get the plugin working according to the docs and plugin source,
but every time we start ATS with the plugin defined we get the following
fatal error:

  FATAL: unable to load remap.config

We have tried a few different remap.config entries, including just specifying
a config file, but no combo seemed to work. Here is an example entry:

  map \
    @plugin=s3_auth \
@pparam=--access_key @pparam=my-key \
@pparam=--secret_key @pparam=my-secret \
@pparam=--version @pparam=2

We have also tried just using a config file:

  map \
    @plugin=s3.auth \
    @pparam=--config @pparam=/path/to/s3.config

We have also tried using ""

Here are some diagnostics I tried to run:

  $ traffic_server -T"s3_auth"
  traffic_server: using root directory
  [Nov 16 09:34:33.188] Server {0x7fffbf0723c0} DIAG: (s3_auth) plugin
is successfully initialized
  FATAL: unable to load remap.config

  traffic_server -C verify_config -D /usr/local/etc/trafficserver
  traffic_server: using root directory
  [Nov 16 09:33:14.311] Server {0x7fffbf0723c0} DEBUG: <
(ink_dns_init)> (dns) ink_dns_init: called with init_called = 0

  NOTE: VERIFY config dir: /usr/local/etc/trafficserver...

  ERROR: Failed to load remap.config, exitStatus 1


I would be more than happy to get a documentation PR going once I get this
all figured out, but in the meantime any advice on getting this going would
be fantastic. I can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong in remap.config.


Test OS: MacOS Sierra (10.12.1)
ATS Version: HEAD from git

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