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From Thomas Jackson <>
Subject Re: Remove "congestion control" feature
Date Tue, 10 May 2016 05:09:35 GMT
Sounds like insufficient context in my original mail. I talked about this
some on irc and today during the summit. Basically the congestion control
feature (best we can tell) is unused. From some initial testing some things
work, but quite a few things don't (and since no one uses it, most likely
there are more issues). That being said, the real goal (it seems) from
congestion control is a set of conditions where you no longer attempt to
talk to the origin. As of today you can set a variety of options (max
sessions, max retries, etc.) To achieve similar results. In addition, it is
quite clunky that congestion control requires yet another config file with
its own markup, instead of exposing transaction overrideable options that
could be set in conf_remap (for example).

TLDR; most of the congestion control functionality exists outside of
congestion control, and the consensus seems to be that since no one is
using it (and it seems to be at least partially broken) we should remove
congestion control and focus on cleaning up origin options (limits, queue,
On May 9, 2016 7:44 PM, "Sudheer Vinukonda" <> wrote:

> [Sorry for the weirdness in the email formatting - resending in plain text]
> Hmm...I'm not sure to agree that the majority of the congestion control
> feature is covered by origin_max_connections. Congestion control feature as
> defined has a "mechanism" to mark an origin congested, which afaik
> origin_max_connections doesn't support.
> Do you actually see a more compelling reason to deprecate the feature
> other than not finding any active users? Fwiw, I've experimented this
> feature a bit (and it seems to work the way I expected it to work) have
> plans on using it in the near future. So, unless there are strong reasons
> that indicate this feature not working well in conjunction with other
> features and is not easy to fix without breaking a lot of things around,
> I'd prefer to continue to keep the feature.
> Thanks,
> Sudheer
> On Monday, May 9, 2016 5:57 PM, Thomas Jackson <>
> wrote:
> I'd like to propose we deprecate and remove the "congestion control"
> features within ATS. Currently this feature is disabled by default, and
> from my interactions I can't seem to find anyone that uses this feature. In
> addition, the majority of this functionality is covered with
> `origin_max_connections`.
> Appreciate any feedback.
> Congestion control references:
>    - Docs:
>    - Config:

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