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From Hiroaki Nakamura <>
Subject Re: How to set the Host header of the request to the origin server in hierachical caching
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2016 02:47:50 GMT
Thanks for replies.
However I still cannot solve the issue.

I reviewed my settings and found out I already had set
proxy.config.url_remap.pristine_host_hdr to 1
in both the child and the parent cache.

I set all these configs to 1 in both the child and the parent cache.
CONFIG proxy.config.url_remap.remap_required INT 1
CONFIG proxy.config.url_remap.pristine_host_hdr INT 1
CONFIG proxy.config.reverse_proxy.enabled INT 1

My remap and parent configs were like this:

child remap.config

child parent.config
dest_domain=. parent=";" round_robin=consistent_hash

parent remap.config

I changed parent remap.config like

Still I got the Header value in the request to the
origin server.

Also I add %<{Host}cqh> to the logs_xml.config of the child and the
parent cache.
And I found out the Host value is, not in the
parent cache proxy log.
In the child cache proxy log, the Host value is, which is correct.

So I think the child cache does not preserve the host header.
I'm using trafficserver version 6.1.1 on CentOS 7.
And my proxy chain is like below.

nginx -> ATS child -> ATS parent


2016-03-09 7:05 GMT+09:00 Leif Hedstrom <>:
> On Mar 8, 2016, at 2:46 PM, Jeremy Payne <> wrote:
> The parent remap would then have to match on:
> map
> Last time I checked this is how it worked. I know there was talks of having
> a parent.config option which forced the child to send a relative URL
> request. Instead of the full URL GET currently sent to the parent.
> That used to be an option in the remap configuration setting, but was
> removed (because it was crippled). John Rushford is working on a replacement
> for this feature, such that parent request follow normal (“origin”) request
> semantics, and not the way parent proxying works today. I’m hoping that
> it’ll be configurable per rule in parent.config  (and not a global setting
> as it was before). Alternatively, maybe it could be an overridable
> records.config setting.
> That much said, I believe Jeremy is right, in that pristine host headers
> don’t apply to parent selection. It looks like parent selection happens
> right after remapping, and it does not consider pristine host headers. John
> and Phil, can you confirm?
> Note that the parent.config selection happens on the remapped host name (I’m
> pretty sure, I’m sure someone will correct me :).
> Cheers,
> — Leif

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