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From Eric Duesterhaus <>
Subject ATS running as reverse-proxy with 2G for cache set in storage.config - how does one check cache usage? HTTPS caching?
Date Tue, 03 Nov 2015 17:51:43 GMT

Hello other ATS users!

I’m new to ATS, so I apologize if these are ignorant questions.  I have a 2G cache configured
on my ATS server that is running as a reverse proxy for some web apps.  I’m having some
trouble finding the answers to my questions while reading through the ATS documentation:

·         My cache.db file is 2GB, but I know I don’t yet have 2GB of content to cache.
 Is there a way I can check the “percentage used” so to speak?  While I’m confident
2GB is enough for now, I’d like to know how to check if I’m starting to fill up my cache
file so I know when to increase it.

·         Does ATS cache HTTPS content (HTTPS from ATS to the origin server, also HTTPS from
client to ATS)?

Thanks in advance!
Eric Duesterhaus

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