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From Randeep <>
Subject Caching solution design
Date Sat, 10 Oct 2015 09:15:46 GMT
Hi All,

We are planning to set up our digital headend for live tv channels over IP.
We have our own nation wide MPLS vpn. We will be using videos in encrypted
MPEG dash and encrypted HLS.

In our MPLS we have POPs at main cities in India.

Our headend is in Bangalore. And POPS are in other cities in other states.

What I'm thinking is to have a main(parent) caching server in Bangalore in
the headend which takes the videos from video packagers and all the other
POPs can have Child caching servers.

And in the places where more users are there, we can place another caching
server which is child to the POP caching server.

Is that design is fine?

We are planning 300+ live channels + VODs. As the channels are live, we are
planning to keep only 4s of data in the cache.

Our settings in the video packages is like that the dash manifest file will
be refreshed at every 10s.

What kind of servers we need to have as parent and child?How much RAM and
CPU they should have..

And how I can force the video chunks to cache in the RAM instead of disk.
I'm getting more HITs than MEM_HITs

Please help me sizing these servers and correcting the design if there is
some mistakes.

Mob: +919447831699[kerala]
Mob: +919880050349[B'lore]

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