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From Alan Carroll <>
Subject Re: Dedicated External Server Socket Interface from ATS ??
Date Mon, 26 Oct 2015 14:44:50 GMT
Yes. In the deployments I have seen that do this, the connection is placed in a separate thread
and the hook function use standard inter-thread communications to send jobs to the dedicated
thread (locked queues, thread safe containers, etc.). The dedicated thread can schedule an
event for the continuation when the work is finished.

     On Sunday, October 25, 2015 11:45 PM, Sunil Vasanta <>

Hi  Folks,

I have written two plugins for ATS, one for changing caching logic with 
help of external decision agent and one for content transformation.
In both plugin's I'm establishing a connection with an external 
server/process for each transaction, which I feel kind of over kill as  
its repetitive and a good software
design always avoids repetitive task. ICAP protocol might help but again 
it's also a transaction based protocol and has inherited properties of HTTP.

My question is,  is there a way to establish a dedicated connection 
between an external server and ATS, which can be used by all the 
transactions(As Transport)?
I want to avoid changing ATS system architecture as its very complex.

Thank you,
Sunil Vasanta

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