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From Jeremy Payne <>
Subject Purge Question
Date Fri, 25 Sep 2015 16:59:32 GMT
Has there been any developments/advancements with respect to purge?
Specifically wildcard purges or generic pattern matching purges.

The cache inspector doesnt scale and the regex_revalidate plugin relies on
user requests combined with a hard set time frame.
So with the regex_reval plugin, I may not purge all desired objects if the
rule expires prior to processing an applicable request.
Although regex_reval is a good middle ground and works as expected.
The genid plugin doesn't create ids on a per-directory basis.. Genid seems
to only work on per domain basis. Or per remap basis.

So I am just wondering if there have been any other approaches that have
not yet been published to the community. Or rather
other approaches/plugins that are open source, but not referenced in ATS
documentation(or yet to be added to documentation).

If no developments in this space, has anyone tried keeping track of URLs
using something like berkeleydb or some other key-value database?

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