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From Ganesh Parameswaran <>
Subject Refresh cache entries in the background periodically
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2015 04:02:47 GMT

I am a newbie.

I have a use case where the requests are limited, i.e. there is a set of
unique requests, and all their responses can be stored in the cache. I
don't want the client to be exposed to the latency of the origin server. I
want to refresh the entries of the cache in the background periodically.

My company has a plugin that serves stale content while revalidating in the
background. So I could just have a cron job outside the traffic server,
that periodically makes the requests to the traffic server. Then content
will be only as old as the period of the cron job.

Is there a way to write a plugin that would refresh the entries in the
background periodically? I have thought of writing a plugin that triggers
itself after sleeping for a time period, but I am not sure how it will
affect the traffic server, or if it will work at all.


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