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From "hzwulibin"<>
Subject Re: Re: What's the common usecase of TrafficServer Cluster
Date Wed, 29 Jul 2015 00:42:37 GMT
In my case, i want to use trafficserver as a cache proxy; so my application is
configured to get data from the server A if no cluster situation. But i'm
wondering if it will still works well in the cluster.

You memtioned load-bancing, so does it need a load bance between
my application and trafficserver cluster? Or should i deal with it in my

Yeah, maybe both are fine, anyway, i want my model be as simple as
possible. Any suggestions about this?




发件人:Reindl Harald <>
发送时间:2015-07-28 19:34
主题:Re: What's the common usecase of TrafficServer Cluster

Am 28.07.2015 um 13:22 schrieb hzwulibin: 
> Hi, everyone 
> Today i setup the TrafficServer cluster. However, i have some questions. 
> How the cluster supply the service to the client, do we need other 
> solftware like nginx or haproxy? 
> Just want to know the most common usecase! 
> In my thinking now, for example, there are three nodes in the clustre A, 
> B, C; 
> Some clients configed to use A,  when A is down, those clients lost the 
> service. 
> So the clients should config to use all ip of A, B, C, or need a medial 
> solftware like nginx? 
> Can anyone say some common usecase here? 

i don't get "Some clients configed to use A" 

normally you have an A record returning 3 IP's for load-balancing and  
nginx don't make sense in the picture because it plays on the same level  
as ATS itself: a proxy 
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