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From Shu Kit Chan <>
Subject Re: Get Origin IP in Lua
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2015 07:31:25 GMT

I think what you need is currently missing from the ts_lua plugin.
We can provide something like this


similar to


as mentioned here -

It should be using the ts api TSHttpTxnServerAddrGet() behind the scene.

I have already filed a new Jira ticket for it -

I can work on it by Wednesday or Thursday after i am done with my other



On Sun, Jan 11, 2015 at 7:40 PM, Mark Moseley <> wrote:

> Hi. I'm looking at the TS_LUA_HOOK_OS_DNS hook or
> TS_LUA_HOOK_SEND_REQUEST_HDR as a way to do a fail-safe way of filtering
> *origin* IPs. Obviously this could be done at the onboard firewall level,
> but I thought it'd be neat to be able to do something a bit more in-line
> (and it's fun to play with Lua).
> But despite the aforementioned hooks, there doesn't seem to be anywhere in
> the 'ts' table that holds what the origin's DNS hostname was resolved to.
> Does that get stored anywhere that ts_lua has access to? ts.server_request
> seemed most promising but none of the functions in there seem to return
> anything like the origin IP.
> If there were something accessible with the origin IP, then I could do a
> sanity check like, pseudo-code-wise: for ip in goodips, does origin IP
> match ip, and if none match, then return a 403 or 400 or something.
> I'm coming up blank looking through the API and source code, but I may be
> missing something obvious (or more likely, just looking for the wrong
> thing).
> Even better (and I've had no luck finding this either) would be something
> built-in that contains a list of permitted origin IP blocks, like
> ip_allow.config but for the backend request (and again, there might be but
> I'm grepping+googling for the wrong thing).
> Thanks!

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