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From Jason Strongman <>
Subject ATS 5.1.1 And ESXI Ubuntu Guest
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2014 22:33:57 GMT
Hypervisor Version - ESXi 5.5
Guest OS - Ubuntu 12.04.5 and 14.04.1 (64bit generic kernel)

While testing ATS in our Ubuntu guest VMs we noticed a significant
performance difference(for the worse) between another RHEL 6.5 VM. Both VMs
run in the same hypervisor and both VMs have the same 'hardware' specs.
Both VMs also received the same identical 5gbps Spirent performance tests.
Each test ensured that the tested objects are served from RAM cache. So it
looks like(just guessing) the RHEL kernel may be optimized for virtual
environments in terms of memory management??
I do notice the library and compiler versions differ between the ATS
instances, the compile time options are the same. So I am not sure if that
may be prove to be an issue as well.

That said, are there any OS tuneables that I should review  within my
Ubuntu builds?
Next I am going to try the various Ubuntu kernels and see if that results
in the same RHEL performance.


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