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From "Adam W. Dace" <>
Subject Forward-Only Proxy Cache Configuration HOWTOs Updated
Date Sun, 29 Jun 2014 13:20:38 GMT
I've been tracking Traffic Server v5.0 for some time now, and have done my
best to both update and reorganize the following Wiki pages for both
compatibility and optimization:

Setup: WebCacheProxySetup
Tuning: WebCacheProxyTuning

Leif asked that I share some metrics in terms of how v5.0 has affected me.
 Here are some quick stats regarding WebCacheProxyTuning:

* Version 4.2.1 records.config overrides: 42
* Version 5.0.0 records.config overrides: 32

While not all of these reductions can be attributed to ATS v5.0.0, there
are a couple that can.

These include:
* Background fill.
* Origin server socket buffer settings.

Other contributing factors:
* Cache partitioning into 4 volumes, up from zero before.  This alone was
"covering up" a number of other issues.
* Browser change from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome.  Google Chrome
simply "gets along" much better with Traffic Server, thus there are less
* Full review of records.config, setting by setting.  I've done my best to
determine that if a given configuration setting isn't necessary, it's been

That's pretty much it for now.  In the near future I'll also be updating
the WebCacheProxyBrowser
<> page.
 And I'm going to take another look at the timeout settings...maybe I can
set one or two more to defaults.



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