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From Vikram <>
Subject Connection closing due to VC_EVENT_INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2014 11:10:49 GMT

I am facing issues with Traffic Server closing transactions when one of my plugins does not
re-enable the transaction within 5 minutes. I have a use case where my plugin waits for an
event to occur before allowing the current transaction to go through and, very occasionally,
this wait can be more than 5 minutes. Unfortunately, Traffic Server closes the transaction
after 5 minutes (300 seconds) of this wait period, giving "[HttpSM::main_handler, VC_EVENT_INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT]". 

I have tried setting all the available timeouts to 900 seconds, but I am unable to prevent
this from happening. 
CONFIG proxy.config.http.keep_alive_no_activity_timeout_in INT 900
CONFIG proxy.config.http.keep_alive_no_activity_timeout_out INT 900
CONFIG proxy.config.http.transaction_no_activity_timeout_in INT 900
CONFIG proxy.config.http.transaction_no_activity_timeout_out INT 900
CONFIG proxy.config.http.transaction_active_timeout_in INT 900
CONFIG proxy.config.http.transaction_active_timeout_out INT 900
CONFIG proxy.config.http.accept_no_activity_timeout INT 900

I went though all the docs, and some of the source code, but I am unable to find a programmatic
API to change this timeout. Does anyone know if its possible?

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