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From Yongming Zhao <>
Subject the cluster refine codes in on refine_cluster branch
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2013 06:45:31 GMT
20 hours ago, Weijin pushed out our first effort of forward porting our cluster refine codes,
in this big fat patch, we have refined the cluster communication in the message level, to
archive better performance.

what we do:
	• make cluster a pure message driven layer, no more vc splice on each side
	• cleanup the msg encapsulation and callback implements
	• modified the cache cluster interface
due to the big change we made, there is something we changed in the cluster:
	* load monitor
	* hostdb cluster interface
as our main platform is Linux, and due to the network codes we can not reuse, we have made
some dirty codes into the new cluster, that will need more work to get clean, to make it multi-platform
aware and clean.

anyway, it is out, please join us on the hacking and testing.

those codes performs >4G/box traffic in our network, and there is no limit in cluster performance

please refer to the codes and wiki:
codes in:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/refine_cluster
wiki at:
jira at:

the patch is a joint effort of WeiJin and YuQing

Yongming Zhao
aka 永豪

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