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From Noam Schiff <>
Subject Only 1 core is utilized
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2013 14:14:53 GMT

I'm running thousands of transactions per seconds through the trafficserver
but I apperantly only 1 core is really working hard while all the other are
pretty idle.
I saw the process ET_NET_0 consumes around 70 of the CPU (which I assume
that this process is being handled by the only core who actually working

My question is how can I make the trafficserver uses more cores (I assume
that I need to create more process like this...maybe ET_NET_1, ET_NET_2???)

I changed the below line from 2 to 8 in "records.config" file but it
doesn't do the trick:
CONFIG proxy.config.exec_thread.limit INT 8 (the default is 2)

Any thoughts?

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