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From James Peach <>
Subject Re: Features request
Date Sun, 20 May 2012 22:57:15 GMT
On 20/05/2012, at 2:40 PM, Van Doorn, Jan R wrote:

> About 1)  below, we have the same requirement. We would like to have 
> certain domains use only certain disks, so we put certain domains on 
> SSDs and certain domains on SATA drives, and maybe even keep certain 
> domains in mem (or ramdisk) only.
> Maybe I am missing something, but I think all the drives in 
> storage.config go in to a common pool that gets divided in to volumes in 
> volume.config, and then you can assign these volumes to domains in 
> hosting.config, but there is no way to restrict a group of drives to a 
> volume, and thus to a domain?

Yeh I think you are right. I didn't fully connect the dots through volume.config. I'm not
sure how hard it would be to extend volume.config to support this kind of configuration ...

> I know there are some interesting options in cache.config, but I think 
> that won't allow me to pin objects for one domain in memory with a very 
> short TTL, while other domains still get written to disk?
> Thanks again,
> JvD
> On 05/15/2012 09:58 PM, James Peach wrote:
>> On 14/05/2012, at 12:03 PM, Provedor Bogus wrote:
>>> Dear ATS developers,
>>> First of all, thanks a lot for the amazing software you made. Your work is very
appreciated, honestly.
>>> Due to scalability problems, we are working on a trial to replace our Squid caches
to ATS and some interesting features would be very nice to have, which I enumerate below.
>>> 1) Is it possible to have a "primary destination specifier" in hosting.config
to match a network ? We have a substantial amount of traffic coming from Akamai CDN (among
others CDNs) and would be lovely to have an option to store such huge data in bigger SATA
disks (although slow) instead of smaller SAS disks (although fast).
>> You can direct objects to different cache volumes based on the domain, see<>
>>> 2) Is it possible to have a hierarquical cache disk model ? Would be lovely to
have smaller files (<  1 MB) on a SSD, midsize files on SAS disks (>  1 MB and< 
10 MB) and bigger files on SATA disks (>  10 MB). It helps to better manage the hit ratio
on big files which keeps the network busy for a longer time.
>>> 3) Is it possible to have proxy.config.cache.min_average_object_size and proxy.config.cache.target_fragment_size
on per volume basis ? It helps to better manage the kind of files and size of cache each disk
will store.
>> Could you please file a bug<>  for
this feature, including as much detail as you can about the configuration you need and the
use case it addresses?
>> thanks!
>>> Best Regards and all the best !
>>> Antonio

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