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From "Cooper, Bianca" <>
Subject Reading from TSVIO
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 08:28:08 GMT

I am working on an ATS plugin which receives HTTP request from a client and issues a new request
to a server. It then has to wait for the response from the server. Once the response is received
the plugin has to parse the body of the response. 
I am using TSHttpConnect for sending the request to the server, creating a write and read
VIOs. Once the plugin gets TS_EVENT_VCONN_WRITE_COMPLETE (indicating the request was sent
to the server) I set up TSVConnRead with INT64_MAX. 
The quest is: how can I tell that I read the whole body of the response from the vio before
I pass it to my parser?
Testing TSVIONBytesGet and TSVIONTodoGet always return INT64_MAX (since this is the nbytes
value passed to TSVconnRead). And I will never get the TS_EVENT_VCONN_READ_COMPLETE event.

I see two possible ways to solve the problem and they both feel like I am missing something
1. Read the response from the read VIO, parse Content-Length header and then count the bytes
read from the VIO, to ensure that the whole body was received, before I pass it to the parser.

2. Since both the request and response sent to the server go through HttpSM - attach a transform
to the response to read the body.

Please help,

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