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From Sriram Aravamuthan <>
Subject Investigating cache miss for POST requests
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2011 06:45:01 GMT
Hello All,

Our requirements are:
1. We want to implement client-side caching.
2. Our clients are web-services clients. Not browsers.
3. The end-points are web services which are hosted on machines within
the internal network.
4. POST is the method used for all the requests.
5. All the requests have a request body. So do all the responses. The
request/response body might be an XML or a JSON payload.
6. The end-point for any client has the pattern -

To summarize our requirements are - should have a cache on the client
side such that the requests are not even sent over the wire as much as

After going through the docs, I installed the latest stable ATS &
tried the below.

I made changes in three files:
1. records.config
ensured that the below setting is true.
CONFIG proxy.config.reverse_proxy.enabled INT 1

2. remap.config
Added the below line
map http://localhost

3. cache.config
Added the below line method=POST ttl-in-cache=1m

Steps executed:
1. From the web services client a POST request is invoked to
2. Received the response from the remote machine via the ATS.
3. Repeated step 1 immediately after step 2 (time < 1m). Expectation
is - The request would not reach the remote host but would be handled
by the ATS cache itself. It was not so. The remote machine was hit
with the request. Note: The request sent in step 1 & 3 are the same.
4. traffic_logstats showed that there has been a cache miss.

Any ideas on why there is a cache miss? And steps as to how I could debug this?


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