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From João Bernardo <>
Subject Client disconnect 10 seconds & multiple users
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 14:35:03 GMT

I'm working with Traffic Server for a video cache application.
I found at the FAQ section of TS Administrator's Guide that once the client
disconnects, TS will keep the connection alive for 10 seconds trying to
complete the download.

Is there some way to change this value? We're using big video files that may
require 1 or 2 minutes more after reaching 50% (the threashold) of

Another thing:
I've read TS don't record partial files on cache, but there's some way it
can "share" an open connection between two clients when both are watching
the same video at the same time?
I can't find in the documentation how is the cache handled if both users
finished downloading the content at different times (two entries will have
the same hash and the newest will take the other's place?).

Thanks in advance,
João Bernardo

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