I'm trying to PURGE a file from the cache according to http://trafficserver.apache.org/docs/v2/admin/cache.htm#RemoveObjectFromCache and get "HTTP/1.1 403 Access Denied" in response. 
Please find some details:
  1. The ATS version is 2.1.7
  2. The command that I use is curl -X PURGE -v "http://example.com/remove_me.jpg according to the ATS manual
  3. I use of course another path :-)
  4. I tried to run it both from inside the server and from a remote host
  5. I checked and the cached file was not deleted
  6. When I run the the ATS manually (/usr/local/bin/traffic_server -T http_hdrs), I get:
+++++++++ Proxy's Response 2 +++++++++
-- State Machine Id: 0
HTTP/1.1 403 Access Denied
Date: Mon, 16 May 2011 11:52:25 GMT
Connection: close
Server: ATS/2.1.7-unstable

Are you familiar with that case? If so, what can be done?

Thanks in advance,