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From <>
Subject Re: Initial doubts
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2011 11:33:36 GMT
  Hi Leif,

> If you mean a Web GUI, the answer is "not really". There was one, but 
> it's really poorly implemented, and not manageable. There are however 
> very good APIs to implement management tools, and as such, it should be 
> possible (if there are developers interested to work on it) to implement 
> much better management GUI (or, even integrate with other Web GUI's).


> No, this is not really possible at this time :/. You might not even know 
> the size of an object until you have recieved the entire body / 
> response. So a solution like this would have to be able to write to one 
> cache, and then move them to another cache, once it knows the object

 Ok, understood. Maybe first in RAM and then move to SSD or HDD based on
its size.

> One idea that people have been looking at is to use FaceBook's 
> FlashCache system.


>>    3) We want to support around 1K users in a forward only proxy, all
>> going through a white list with LDAP authentication Any suggestion on
>> the hardware?
> Pretty much any modern hardware would easily handle that. More RAM == 
> better performance typically, I'd go for 8GB minimum, and probably 16GB.


> There is no LDAP (or any other) support for authentication at this 
> point. That code was not open sourced (and it had major issues). The 
> thought is that someone interested in various authentication schemes 
> will implement that as plugins :).

  So to understand, at this moment all users are treated equally? I guess
the main problem is as the user wont be authenticated, we wont know who he
is, thus bad to track user usage :(

>>    5) For other possibilities to come, how about "black listing"? Are
>> there any plugins or modules or whatever to provide good quality black
>> listing into ATS? How about antivirus / phishing, etc? ICAP? (I'm aware
>> ICAP is not currently supported, but anybody working on this?)
> No such plugins exists, yet at least. All of them would most certainly 
> be doable to implement. There is an "example" blacklist plugin, that 
> could be a starting point.
> Sorry to not being able to give more positive responses, all your 
> questions are very good, and something we want to support. It's just not 
> done yet, with the limited resources that we have.

  I guess then at this stage better to stick to caching only and leave
other stuff to other applications.

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